Saturday, November 29, 2008

Featured EtsyBlogger: Storybeader

Storybeader makes unique jewelry and poems just for you. Every piece comes with a haiku poem especially made for you.

Someone years ago brought me a silver necklace with Fetish Bears on them from a trip out west. I know they are supposed to be good luck and when I saw this necklace (below) at Storybeaders shop I went and found my necklace.

There is anEtsyBloggers HOLIDAY S*A*L*E* is going on from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday!!

Storybeader is offering 10% off all items in the shop, plus free shipping in the US. So check it out!*

* I have been sick so sorry for the tardiness of this entry

Sunday, November 23, 2008

hmmm holes=crash

So I was supposed to get my hair cut on Thursday night. Tammy didn't feel well so I made my appointment for another day. Dan was going to an opening with my dad of our doctors new office so I ran up to the mall. My dad dropped Dan off there and we stayed until like 7:30. Well we were walking through the parking lot when BAM!

See above ditches? I ate it in it. It was soo dark from Macy's until really Jcpenny's I didn't see a trench in the ground and busted ass. I was super embarrassed and Dan was just trying to get me up so I didn't get run over by a car.
I didn't go in and say what happened cause I just wanted to go home. My ankle got really swollen so I decided to go fill ot a report at the mall on Friday ( when I called the lady at security yelled at me because I didn't fill it out the night before). Dan took them to the spot which the mall stated was clearly marked..hmm 12-15 ft. trench in a dark parking lot was so clearly marked that I fell in it right? Don't you all see how well marked it is? The also said the lights were on timers so it may be dark in the parking lot. Put the lights on timers at 9:30 when the mall is closed...Anyway they wouldn't give me a copy of the incident report and the mall office just said to tell the Dr. that the mall insurance company would pay for it.

I called Dan's worker's comp attorney cause at this point I was fuming ( and my ankle still hurt) and asked wat I should do. We went to 2 different Dr. offices and no one would see me without payment and the stupid secretary at the mall was like" you pay and then we decide to pay.." hmmm no way in hell. So we wound up in the ER. While waiting my mom e-mailed Dan the number of Westfields Corporate Office and I spoke to lady that apologized a ton and she said she would take care of it. In the ER got a bunch of xrays taken, nothing was broken but a really bad sprain. I took a vicodin and was super spaced out. The put me in a half cast for a couple of days to keep my ankle from moving and gave me crutches. The vicodin left me loopy and I remember almost eating it with the crutches so I got wheeled away...

* thank goodness I shaved before going to the

Moral of the story, park downstairs at the Westfield Countryside Mall and fill out an incident report if you fall becuase it is worth hurt pride to not be hurt...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This weekend's other projects

This is everything I got done from Friday night until last night ( not including the crayons) Whew and I still have a bunch more on my list to get done. I think I will have another blog contest for my 100th post..Only 8 more to go to get there...

Girl Angel on tote
Boy angel on tote
Angel tote for my mom's friend
Happy Challah Days Apron
Merry Christmas towel
Nuts towel patter from Urban Threads
Toolbox Onesie
Lion Onesie
Lion Onesie again...


Jumbo Crayons

One project I did this weekend was make JUMBO crayons with Dan. As you can see with the previous post I have a HUGE amount of stuff to accomplish and we decided to add something else to list. They came out great. I think it took between 11 and 12 grayons for the snowmen chunky ones and 9 and 10 for the Christmas tree ones.

Crayons peeled and in the silicone molds...We baked them at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. I forgot to put tham on a baking tray soooo
melting crayons

cooling ( like I said above I didn't put them on a tray)

we chilled them int he freezer and had 6 Colorful Christmas Trees

And 6 colorful snowmen. These made JUMBO crayons.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

List ( recently undated 12/9)

Things I need to make before Thanksgiving ( and 1 before the holidays)

squirrel towel
2 onesies
pattern for Annie Oakleaves
santa towel
angel towel became an angel bag
bag for my friend
challah towel
one christmas toddle outfit (pants and top)
towel for the family I work with tutoring their son
friend of my moms towel
2 kids pillowcase covers
lion onesie
lion diaper
I need to make 24 reindeer 20 x 20 napkins by christmas... added 11/16/08 (I have finished 11 of them)

whew..good thing I do not have any plans for the weekend..

things in red I have completed so should be starting soon

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stuff I made this weekend

In prep for the show I made some new items. Here are some pics. I have a ton of stuff to get done before Thanksgiving. I need to be home every night from now on!

The Santa Towel pictured below sold on Sunday, as well as the Happy Challah Days one and the Deer One ( that were here before)..

JDS clipart for the Santa

Pattern for the napkins from Sublime Stitching

Monday, November 10, 2008

HHB total success in my book!

HHB was held yesterday and I wanted to thank all of the vendors that came to the show. I know it wasn't a huge monetary success for everyone but I think overall the show was great. We had a fantastic location, BEAUTIFUL weather, and traffic all day. We did close up shop little earlier than we advertised because we forgot about the time change and even with closing early we were helping people pack in the dark. While we were finishing up my stuff was on the lawn and the sprinklers went (reclaimed water nonetheless)on super quick. Dan with his fast thinking covered on of the heads and Stacey, Doug and I moved most of the stuff before it got soaked.

I will post pictures of the show later. This is my little Oscars thank you for the production of HHB 2008 I wanted to thank Karrie of Fiberologie for allowing us to have the show and open up on her day off for us ( and for her staff for coming in too), Mike of Nova for allowing us the use of his space, Limeys for being fantastic to deal with, before, during and after the show. Mark, Mike, Jessi and Jodi really helped us out and everyone appreciated the discount. All of the places we had that published about the show Creative Loafing, Skirt, St. Pete Times, and TBT. My folks and sister for coming and helping us during the day. Doug ( Stacey's husband) who helped multiple people unload, set-up and strip down and was as super good sport. Dan (my husband) for being there all day and watching the booth while I was chatting away, I know it was his IDEAL Sunday. He also helped Doug with setting up and stripping down vendors spaces. Lastly Stacey my partner in crime for this event. I would have never been able to do this without her. She is uber organized and always thought of things I didn't. I know planning this was not easy for her with her family, work and etsy life but we did it. Pluse she made me an AWESOME apron.. I am so glad we decided to take a chance. We wanted to do a show we were proud of, Mission Accomplished.

*some vendors are not pictured I do not know what happened to my camera( and I forgot to take some of people that asked me to come around later) please e-mail me at if you'd like your booth picture up here. Thanks.( some people are not in the pics because they chose to not be in them, I gave them that option if they weren't feeling like a they were having a movie star day)

Fallen Fey/Kreepy Kids
Our Pursenal Touch
Me Me's
NS Studio
Real Raspberries
Flying Zoo
Unique Concepts
Athena's Armoury
Kootie's Closet
Little Chick
Sew It's For you
Vida Madre
Elle Belle
Cute Kitties
Kori Clark
Perpetual Pickles

Bungle Bear/Paper Sparrow
Chiara's Hand Painted
Modern Bird

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Loads of things to do

I have been kinda busy...I have been tutoring at night and not getting home until like 7:30ish. Dan has been on overnights for the past week and a half so I see him for about an hour to an hour and a half each day real quick. I haven't got all of the stuff I wanted to get accomplished to sell for this weekend's show but I did get my FEST secret Swap done. I totally had forgotten about it and everything needed to be sent out by the 15th...

It is about bar towel size. When I made some stuff for Stacey she cut down some of my ginormous tea towels so I made the birds on that. the swap was for winter or fall themed items but I couldn't really think of what either of those meant besides holidays ( we do live in florida so it is a bit harder). I went with these birds from a pattern from annie oakleaves and made them in fall like colors. I hope she likes it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The WINNER is.............

Athena's Armory!! WOO HOO!! Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog and shared your favorite projects. I just had put evetones name in a hat and picked.. More things to come I promise....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I didn't forget to pick a winner

The hubby will choose a winner when I get home from work for my blog contest. I need to be impartial and he is really excellent at that!

Winner will be posted tonight or in the am the latest


p.s the computer is finally home..yippee!!! so happy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The fabulous creations I am currently working on.

This is my etsybloggers blog carnival.. I am currently working on items ( holiday towels and napkins, bags, misc. items) for my upcoming show that I am running and have a booth in ( run by my fabulous husband ), an order for my grandma, holiday gifts and making clothespins for displaying my etsy items.

I am busy. See, I told

the ones above are patterns from

These patterns are from