Sunday, August 31, 2008

Newbie Etsyblogger

Yesterday was really rainy here and I had some time to craft. I need to be 3 x faster so I can get more completed. I am an official member of etsybloggers now so be on the lookout for posts regarding that. I am excited to be a part of this group because there are so many talented artists and crafters involved in it.

Pimp Stitch's Missy Ballance Love and Happiness pattern

Dish Ran away with the spoon towel for Elle Stacey's daughter. It has fuschia rick-rack on the bottom too.

Finally completed I'm a big brother T shirt with Pimp Stitch Pattern from Missy Ballance "Space Rocks"

Off to the grocery store..

Friday, August 29, 2008

I am now a licensed Pimp Stich Reseller

I just sent in all of my paperwork and I am a licensed reseller of items embroidered with all of the artists over at Pimp Stich's designs. I am so happy to be a part of the Pimp Stitch Family. I will also be able to use some of Regina's designs Annie Oakleaves, Urban Threads and currently are a licensed reseller for Sublime Stitching too.

Dan and I are also continuing to work on designs for our own line as well with my friend Kittykill.

So loads of new opportunities in store for me! Locally I am working with my friend Stacey on some new crafty ventures if anyone would ever freaking call me back.

These are some new items. The brown yoga pants were a custom item and I either need to get a better camera or only take pics in the daytime..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy B-day to Me!

This is what I came home to last night. Dan had to work so I ate dinner with the rents ( we had all gone out the night before) and I had lunch with him but he felt badly that he had to work. I told him since money is a bit tight that I didn't want a bunch of gifts cause our George Michael tickets were pricey so I received two beautiful cards and my scrabble note. He is a good egg!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some new and exciting things on the horizon

I am working on a bunch of new and exciting things. I will keep you posted as they come to fruition ( keep your fingers crossed)..sooo excited!!! I can give two hints two of these new thing involve Stacey and Kittykill!

I found this pic on the Internet and it is so true. It made me smile cause I thought of Napoleon Dynamite.

P.S. There is another wonderful mother of a hurricane brewing in the ocean now..I hope it doesn't come here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Fav's and a local show

Here is a mosaic ( I learned how to do this from kunderwood) of some of my favs' I have seen. There are so many talented people all over and it makes me happy that I have some many fav's for the past couple of weeks I do not have enough space for them on two mosaic's..

There are so many people to mention so I am going to direct you to my flickr to have direct links to all the fabulous artists.

My friend Stacey and I are working on creating our own local shows. We both feel that there is a need for more specific types of shows and we can promote them ourselves and know that we are doing the best to make these shows a success for everyone involved. More to come on that for sure!

I am doing a big show called Atomic Holiday Bazaar with Stacey in December which should be tons of fun.

Not sure how much crafting will be done this weekend it is my mom's b-day and there is a ton of cleaning that needs to be done at the homefront.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Need to catch up on the blogs

Big Brother Shirt
Originally uploaded by sewitsforyou
Ok so I have been a little busy lately.. I am trying to work on making some events with a friend locally and start an internet thing with another friend, get my house organized (good luck), make some extra cash and the crafting is slacking the slightest bit..

This is my little WIP from Pimpstitch..
Is it Friday yet??

Monday, August 18, 2008

Is Fay on her way?

I found this pic of the cow cow and chicken on flickr from wedgienet and decided to make a towel for a vegetarian friend of mine. I thought it was super cute.

I didn't have a whole lot of time to do crafting this weekend. It was my grandma's 90th b-day and she can be a bit demanding sooo. I really wanted to get everything done for kittykill and realized I didn't post what I had finished which I need to later.

On a side note, those of you who did not know where Tarpon Springs is may soon enough with Tropical Storm Fay. Yesterday it was all over the Internet that they storm was going to head, yes you guessed it to Tarpon. Most people do not know where Tarpon is, some know Clearwater (10 miles away) or Tampa (17 or so miles away). I made sure Dan called his family overseas to let them know we were ok, especially when they kept mentioning Tarpon. I really hope the storm gets out in the cooler Atlantic waters so it dies down. We have been soo lucky during most of the big storm disasters, I hope we manage to be lucky this time around. I do not screw around with the storms especially when I have seen how many tornadoes can happen and how devastating those can be, most of the time worse than anything we have ever had hit Tampa bay.

The top is a hankie for my friend Stacey's daughter, Elle. I am making her a towel for her retro kitchen and she had extra tea towel so she sewed up a tiny hankie. I may add ribbon or rick rack to it.

The baby blanket was for a friend of my moms grandaughter as well as the cupcake outfit.

Have a great day and hopefully we won't have to hunker down too much. Off to check on Fay

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Office/Craft Room

Office/Craft Room
Originally uploaded by sewitsforyou
So we are finally done with phase one of the flooring. Whew. I am looking forward to crafting and getting the house back to it's normal amount of clutter and disarray not the tornado looking state it has been for the past couple of weeks.

I haven't done any crafting for the past couple weeks, because frankly I couldn't find anything. I am still missing things. I think I have become more scatterbrained with age, and I am looking so foward to being yet another year older in a couple of weeks..ugh. The girl in front of us at the George Michael concert told me the name of a band, I even wrote it down and I can't remember it for the life of me..I think in my attempt to be green I recycled the paper...but in any event still do not know the "brilliant british band" she was talking about :o(. I have been listening to duffy lately and texas....

I am working on a new crafty venture with my friend...more to come but the wheels are in motion for something fantabulous.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Now Selling blanks!!!

GO checkout my etsy store. These are great for all sorts of things and are super quality. I love the flat diapers so much and they are way easier to work on than the ones sold in the big box stores.

Check out the store e-mail me if you'd like multiples of anything because there will be a discount involved. I pick up stuff all of the time and decided there are not a lot of stores that sell good quality blanks at affordable prices.

I have received an award!!!

Kristi over at Stitchy Sticherson nomintaed me for an award how cool is that? Now I have to follow the directions listed below...

The rules for receiving this award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

Here is my list. A couple people from Kristi's list are people I would give nods to (kittykill, brook) kristi included.

1.Pimp Stitch
2.Elle Belle
3. Jelene
4.Lily Blogs
5.Wild Olive
6.Torrance Does...Stuff
7. Embroidery as Art
8. Green Kitchen
so thanks for all the good reads and tips!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fuller Shot of Cardigan

for kittykill's gala. I need to make the onesie and pants to match. Maybe I will be able to once we get all the floors done...hopefully this will be the end of the DIY for a bit.

Monday, August 4, 2008

George Michael and Flooring

This was George on the big screen on the side of the stage. I didn't want Dan to get the most expensive tickets. I went to hear him I think I still picture him in my head like the Wham GM or the Faith GM.

We went out for dinner and being the anal person I can be got there like over an hour before the show started. I was so excited and thought parking in downtown Tampa could be a pain, plus we have had a lot of rain lately , not just rain thunderstorms so I wanted to be able to park and not be We chatted with a British family in front of us. They were really sweet. We people watched and there were some lookers, different than a Depeche Mode concert but a lot of people in Tampa that don't own mirrors.

He was like 45 minutes late and apologized 1st for being late and second for being gone so long. He said he was late because he wasn't used to the ac in the states and we could tell because it was so ridiculously hot. Dan and I stood and danced the whole night we were soaked. I know some of the shows in the UK were 3 hours ours was a bit under two. He sang a lot of Wham songs but not "I want your sex". He did sing "I'm your man" "Father Figure " the pic below is from that, "Too Funky", Faith, I can't remember all the rest he did the second encore was freedom. I danced my ass off and I don't dance..I did almost get in a fight, the entire arena was up dancing and some lady behind me had the nerve to tell me to sit down. the 10 rows in front and to the side of me were standing up and when I sat down I could not see. it wasn't like I was the only one standing up while everyone else was sitting down

Long story short, I loved seeing him. I will always remember it. Dan and I had a great time and hopefully he will tour again.

We spent all day yesterday laying down our new bamboo flooring. My knees and lower back are killing me. Crafting is much easier. Dan did all of the saw work and I laid a lot of the flooring down. We still need to finish with the quarter round and all but it is mostly done. Dan wants to start on the office this week but when he called me exhausted form work this morning he said he was in a world of hurt so those plans may change.

Friday, August 1, 2008

George Michael Tomorrow Night!!!

Ok so I found the Wham Bag, well actually I never really lost

I am so excited to see George Michael. I have loved him since I was 11 and I have kept this purse since I was 12. My parents brought it back from England when they went on a business trip. I should have known back then my fondness for British men, it must have started with George and ended with Dan. He is not so happy about going to the show. The people at his work have been giving him a really tough time singing the words and making these cutouts of george. I told him that he needs to say he is taking me for my b-day and that if they dislike GM so much how come they know all the words to his songs? I am so excited. I do not know the last concert I was this excited for maybe U2 or The Who or Depeche Mode??

Here is what the guest bedroom looks like now. Not a ton of progress from the other night but we borrowed a saw from a friend and should be good to go on Sunday.

Have a great weekend and I will talk all about GM tomorrow night..SOOOO EXCITED!