Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exciting News!

Exciting News for Sew It's For You

Embroidered Mitch O'Connell Hoodie

Embroidered Mitch O'Connell Kitty Towel

Mitch O'Connell is a FANTASTIC tattoo artist and designer. His art has been featured all over the globe. I embroidered a couple of his designs in the past and they are featured along with some other embroidered works on his Facebook page. This is super cool, he actually wrote back to me when I sent him these images and was very nice and appreciative that I shared with him!

10 Reasons to use Envirosax

Before I started to sell Envirosax I used them and fell in love. My first set was the Retro Kitchen Design. In light of what is going on with the HUGE BP oil spill in the Gulf I thought is would be a good time to look at being a little more green.

1. Envirosax are Reusable.
2. They are much stronger than plastic or paper bags ( they can hold up to 44 pounds).
3. They are water-resistant, 100% washable and won't fade.
4. They are compact. They fit great in a purse or glove box and fold up to the size of a piece of sushi, 4" by 1.5" diameter. It weighs in at just 1.4oz
5. They are way more cute than paper or plastic bags. There are designs for everyone!
6. You will save 5 cents for each one you use at your local Target store.
7. They are made to be used over and over again.
8. They are a great alternative to gift bags.
9. They are perfect for diaper, beach and pool bags for wet clothes.
10. They are manufactured by a company that only does Fair Trade and offers Fair Wages.

Newest Envirosax Designs

These are some of the newer designs from Envirosax. They are made from
RPET. The 45% Repreve® in the ENVIROSAX RPET is made up of 100% recycled content, with 80% pre-consumer and 20% post-consumer recycled polyester content (mainly plastic bottles).
The Slingsax are adjustable( the first two pictures) so if you want to wear them on your shoulder or across your chest you make them fit for you. The minisax ( the bottom two pictures)are super cute and have a space to hold a cup or water bottle. They are great to hold snacks or bottles for the kids. Both types of bags are 100% washable and can be rolled up for compact easy storage.


Slingsax $14.00

Mini Sax $5.00

Sesame Street Pouch $40.00 includes (1) of each bag Grover, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Oscar.
The Sesame Street Sets are selling out quickly. I have each of the individual charaster bags and a couple sets of the pouches left. The pouches are $40.00 for the 5 bags, each individual bag is $9.00 or for orders of 5 or more they are $8.00. You can mix and match other designs to create your own set and get a pouch with any order of 5 or more.

Perfect for Father's Day. The Oxford series delivers a more masculine edge. Offering traditional plaid & argyle patterns, tough camo styles as well as the street wise GT stripe. My dad uses his Envirosax all of the time.

From La Boheme Pouch Set ( currently in stock)

From the Oragami Pouch Set (currently in stock)

From the black and white Midnight Safari set ( ordered and will be in shortly)

I have a shipment coming in this week from Envirosax and will have all of the new items posted above.

Please place any orders for Custom Embroidery for Father's Day by this weekend to allow time for me to get it completed.

Don't Forget about the offer below...


Have a fantastic week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Featured Etsyblogger for May

The featured Etsyblogger for May is Handmade by Sandi.. I just went by and checked out her shop..

Here are a couple items I found there.

This little water bottle sleeve is great to keep all of the condensation off your desk, clothes etc. I live in Florida and our bottles always sweat.

I am notorious for burning my hands in the oven. What a HUGE oven mitt. I think my hands would be safe here. That looks like quite a big pan.

There is a big variety of items in Sandi's shop. She has some lovely fabric choices so go check out Handmade by Sandi..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Etsybloggers Blog Carnival for May

Our task for this blog carnival was to write about a great summer trip/vacation. One of the best summers I ever spent was in 2002 when I moved to attend the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I had just graduated with my Master's degree and won a fellowship to attend AA for the summer. I was so excited to finally do something creative. I signed up for a photo storyboarding class and a production class.

The day I arrived in SF it was hot as hell. My friend, Alex came to pick me up and his truck has no a/c. I had sent a lot of my things ahead of time to SF for my place and Alex was kind enough to accept them at his work and schlep me to my place. The next day I work up and I swear it was like 40 degrees, totally freezing.

I met so many amazing people that summer. I was around all of these incredible artists that just fed my soul. I was taking pictures again on a daily basis, doing things without a care, being reckless and loving it. My classes didn't really count for anything but I went everyday and made 2 A's and they meant more to me than any other A I had ever made.

I was very sad to leave SF. It was a great summer full of fantastic culture, art, people, food and drinks. I think it was the summer I truly grew up. It shaped the rest of my journey to allow me to move on and make some of the best decisions I have ever made.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Etsykids Me and Matilda

I was just going through some etsykids shops for the thread and I came upon the most adorable shop called Me and Matilda. The have all sorts of stuff for fancy ( or not so fancy occasions) for little girls and boys ( and adults too)..

My son looks really good in blue. I am not sure where he would need a tie at 7 1/2 months old right now but I adore this.
The red bird and blue tie make such a nice looking piece.

I love the vintage feel of this tie. I may have to get one for the hubby and the son. The colors are great and it just looks like fun and well most ties don't look like fun!

So go check out this shop Me and Matilda.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Seeing as it is my first mother's day I am a little excited to be a part of this holiday this year as a daugther and a new mom. I was included in a a treasury for mother's day from a fellow etsyblogger. Thanks roseworksjewelry.

(it's the bear in the 2nd row third from the left. It is my mom tattoo onesie)
Hope you all the mama's out there have a great day!