Thursday, May 28, 2009

Etsykid Shop Bam Designs

Our home PC has been dead since February and I have slacked big time on my duties for being a part of Etsykids. When I was on there today I cam across Bam Designs. This shop has monkeys all over the place. I call my husband Monk ( short for monkey) and with the baby coming in September we have started to buy all sorts of monkey related items. Here are just a few of my favorite ones from her shop.

Sock Monkey Blanket
Little Girl Felt Purse.

Sock Monkeys Counting Game

We have kind of gone a bit crazy with all the new baby stuff so we are taking a break for a bit but as soon as I get some sales I am off to Bam Designs for some funky monkey items for our son.

Featured Etsyblogger: Create A Thought

This months Featured Etsyblogger is Create A Thought. Her shop is full of whimisical items and practical ones as well. The picture below are a few of my favorite finds.

Who doesn't love robots? This journal has over 75 pages of blank cardstock for you to write all of your deepest darkest thoughts ( or lists!) This robot blank journal is available here! I used to collect pins for my work lanyards over the years. These two made me laugh out loud!

I have started to collect buttons and I thought this was super cute. This is a great little journal for a budding romance to be written about in.

So go over now and check out her shop for some affordable finds.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sublime Stitching Baby Bib Embroidery Kit Review

I have been a fan of Sublime Stitching for over 3 years now. I must have oh 50 sets of patterns ( I have a lot of multiples) from SS, I have all of the books and 2 sets of the Stitch It Kit. I am in love with the metallic floss and tea towels too. Check out the site if you are unfamiliar with it. It is a great place to learn how to embroider and get inspired ideas from.

I bought the Baby Bib Embroidery Kit and it arrived last week. It was packaged like a little present! I wanted to get my hands on the new patterns and since we are expecting I figured a few more bibs couldn't hurt. I didn't get a chance to start stitching until this weekend so here goes it!

Inside the kit you will find:

1 instruction book ( with color pics)

2 terry cloth bibs ( one with yellow piping and one with green)

1 packet of iron patterns

5 skeins of floss ( one red, orange, light blue and I can't remember the other 2)

1 embroidery needle

The instructions are great like any SS product. The had different types of stitches listed as well as pictures so you can get an idea for color palettes for the bibs. The needle was sturdy. I am not sure where SS gets there needles from but I ordered a few with my last order and used the one in the kit and they are great. I used the kit needle in canvas and it didn't bend the slightest. I can't begin to tell you how many needles I have snapped in the past 3 years.

The patterns are adorable, perfect for boys or girls which was nice to have a variety. These patterns had paper in between them to prevent them bleeding on each other. it seemed as though the pattern paper was a bit thicker which is nice because it seemed to stay put when I ironed it. I chose the fruit pattern and the Yum pattern pictured below for my bibs. I didn't use the floss for the bibs because I wanted to save it for other projects I have planned but it works like a dream!

The bibs are the best terry cloth ones I have come across. I do not prefer to embroider on terry because often I pull the terry through the stitch and it looks terrible. I did do this on both of the bibs ( not as much as other terry bibs) and was able to fix some of them but not all. I am wondering if there is a trick to embroidering on terry I just do not know about. What I do have to say about the bibs is that they are super light and super thin, which is excellent for a hot climate like Texas or Florida. My dad felt them today and said they were the perfect thickness for our hot,humid summers!

Overall I will give this kit a 9.5 out of 10. Great Job Sublime Stitching!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doozer Diaper Done

Doozer Diaper Done
Originally uploaded by sewitsforyou
Oh I loved Fraggle Rock growing up. I registered for the entire set for the baby. When I saw this doozer on the internet I just had to make him. I think I may make Red next for a friend of mine. Someone joked with me that the only thing I wanted the bay to watch was Jim Henson stuff...Yep she was right! I was on tour with Bear in The Big Blue House from 2003-2004 and by the end knew all of the songs by heart, it is also where I met Dan so there is a GIANT soft spot in my heart for Bear. Maybe I should do something with him???

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Shop Ideas

Well I spent most of the weekend crafting..1. because I had a couple custom orders and 2. cause I had ordered some awesome blank hankies from ebay that I wanted to embroider on and 3. cause I felt lazy, it's hard work growing a baby sometimes and I was just plum tuckered out.

The hankies are so much fun to stitch on. I recently went with the hubby to buy a light table ( there was a 50% off coupon for Joann's) and I freakin' love it. it makes my life 1000 times easier, plus I will admit I was getting a bit frustrated with the sulky thick lines I often had to cover on items. Don't get me wrong the sulky pens are awesome the first 2-4 times you use them but then the tips become wide and make small detail work impossible.

When I first started to embroider I used to print out pictures and pin them to my fabric, and stitch through the paper. HUGE, GINORMOUS pain in the ass. I moved up to sulky pens when I had trouble with transfer paper and didn't want to invest in a light table. 3 years later I have my new light table and the only issue I have had is that the hankies are so thin it is hard to write with the water soluble pen and a lot of the hankies shifted and I had slanty lines of words.
Blue hankie with Flight of the Conchords quoted. Dan and I sang this all weekend.
Homo Sweet Homo Hankie
From the Stitch-It-Kit from Sublime Stitching you can purchase it here. I may fill in the banner.
Patterns from regina at available here .
This pillowcase came from Bed Bath and Beyond for travel pillows and cost about $4.00 but I think I used a coupon.
This pattern as well comes from the Stitch-It-Kit from Sublime Stitching you can purchase it here
I know I should have ironed the hankies before taking pictures but ever since this happened last year whenever I do not have to use the iron the better for me. This also proves why my light table is so great I do not need to iron..

So for this summer, i think I am going to make more hankies and framed embroidery and branch out. I guess if anyone has any suggestions, I am always open for new ideas so just leave me a little note.I am still going to make kids stuff, well because it is cute and I know of a lot of people having little ones in the very near future.

Off to work

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's a..............................

We went yesterday to have my almost 20 week ultrsound and to see if I needed an amnio. Thank goodness I didn't need one. I was scared shi*tless! Anyway baby marriott was fine and dandy and a bit big for it's chronological age. The doctor was pleased and I have another just check in appointment at the end of June. So I know you are all wondering what sex the baby is....

Sam will be here in about 5 or so months. I am 20 weeks on Sunday. We are all super excited. Let the shopping and crafting begin!

Monday, May 4, 2009

FESTER- Paper Sparrow

I was lucky to have Andrea of Paper Sparrow in the Handmade Holiday Bazaar I ran last November with Elle Belle. I am a total stationery fiend and just checked out her shop today. I fell in love with the gnomus. I adore gnomes and this one is so darn cute!

This is a illustration mounted on a 8x6 gallery wrapped canvas. It would look so cute in my house.
These six cards are are a mix and match lot. You can tell her which ones you'd like and get 3 or one and 3 of another.

This little gnomus set is 6 notecards and envelopes and comes with little musroom stickers.

I am off to go shop!