Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Shop Ideas

Well I spent most of the weekend crafting..1. because I had a couple custom orders and 2. cause I had ordered some awesome blank hankies from ebay that I wanted to embroider on and 3. cause I felt lazy, it's hard work growing a baby sometimes and I was just plum tuckered out.

The hankies are so much fun to stitch on. I recently went with the hubby to buy a light table ( there was a 50% off coupon for Joann's) and I freakin' love it. it makes my life 1000 times easier, plus I will admit I was getting a bit frustrated with the sulky thick lines I often had to cover on items. Don't get me wrong the sulky pens are awesome the first 2-4 times you use them but then the tips become wide and make small detail work impossible.

When I first started to embroider I used to print out pictures and pin them to my fabric, and stitch through the paper. HUGE, GINORMOUS pain in the ass. I moved up to sulky pens when I had trouble with transfer paper and didn't want to invest in a light table. 3 years later I have my new light table and the only issue I have had is that the hankies are so thin it is hard to write with the water soluble pen and a lot of the hankies shifted and I had slanty lines of words.
Blue hankie with Flight of the Conchords quoted. Dan and I sang this all weekend.
Homo Sweet Homo Hankie
From the Stitch-It-Kit from Sublime Stitching you can purchase it here. I may fill in the banner.
Patterns from regina at wedgienet.net available here .
This pillowcase came from Bed Bath and Beyond for travel pillows and cost about $4.00 but I think I used a coupon.
This pattern as well comes from the Stitch-It-Kit from Sublime Stitching you can purchase it here
I know I should have ironed the hankies before taking pictures but ever since this happened last year whenever I do not have to use the iron the better for me. This also proves why my light table is so great I do not need to iron..

So for this summer, i think I am going to make more hankies and framed embroidery and branch out. I guess if anyone has any suggestions, I am always open for new ideas so just leave me a little note.I am still going to make kids stuff, well because it is cute and I know of a lot of people having little ones in the very near future.

Off to work


storybeader said...

I haven't used those pens before on fabric. Sounds like a great idea. We have a light table at work - I use it to look at negatives and slides! {:-D

kittykill said...

I'm totally lovin' the hippo

gnarlyis3 said...

love your picks for prints and embroidery patterns!
I've been using an old picture frame with only the glass left in it as my lightbox. I set it on my lap and put a lamp on the floor between my feet. It works very well so I will continue to procrastinate the purchase.
Another thought - If you go back over your stem stitch with an overcast whipstitch it cleans up the line so that you can embroider smaller text and still have it look very neat and pretty. It only takes a couple seconds - the stitch only wraps around your previous stitching and doesn't go into the fabric but it makes a huge difference. You just have to be careful to keep your corners sharp and not let them get rounded.
Thanks for taking the time to blog! great inspiration!
Jessica R

sewitsforyou said...

jessica thanks for all the helpful hints I will have to try them out!

sewitsforyou said...

kittykill the hippo is from the cicus patterns from regina, isn't he a hoot? Storybeader when I was in art school I had a light table and it was so much stronger than the one I have now but it does it's job for the most part..