Friday, October 31, 2008

No new pics to post

Well the first bit of news is MY COMPUTER MAY BE COMING HOME SOON! WOO HOO! I will say it has been a bit of a blessing and a curse to no have the computer but I miss it. Dan has worked overnights this past week and will be working this upcoming week so it will be nice for him to be able to work at home on his reviews. I know we need a new one soon but to get a little more life out of the one we have is great.

No new pics cause all I have finished this week is copies of other stuff I made. I had to replace some items that sold and I wanted to make sure I had for the show next Sunday. I can't believe it is here so soon. After our show I have to start planning for the show in December...

GTG back to work. How you all have a safe and happy halloween....

Monday, October 27, 2008

20th Sale on Etsy Giveaway Contest

Boy did is ever take a long time to get 20 sales but I am so glad it has happened. I think I am going to have a contest. Hmm ....You will have to send a link to one of your most favorite creations and why..Could be a meal, could be a piece of clothing, an embroidered object a collage. I will pick the winner a week from today November the 3rd I think....
The prize will be a mixture of crafty goodness some patterns, something from my shop maybe or ribbon or a book. It will be good though ask people I am a good gifter..

Here is my new favorite creation I made...

She is from an Norwegian artist named Maicen. She gave me permission to embroider her ladies on a skirt for me to wear for my upcoming show.

and this pic above is the girl I am wearing today. She kind of reminds me of my friend Pam..

I finished this towel this weekend too. I am trying to make some fun holiday towels for the show.
As far as the show Stacey and I are working to make sure it is great. We have an amazing bunch of artists so go check them out in the blog and hopefully some of the locals can make it out to the show. The show has been blogged about by another organizer and we have been in some local papers are well as out great ad in Skirt!
So that is it. Hopefully the computer at home gets fixed so I can catch up this week...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Work

I didn't do much this weekend except work on two big projects. I am looking at them now thinking to myself that these weren't such a big deal, then I remember it took most of the day Saturday and Sunday to complete them...
Carlotta's Cat is from Alicia Traveria's site. I fell in love with her work after she designed the sex librarian patterns from Sublime Stitching. I was able to make her with Alicia's Permission.
This is from a Shag illustration. I was never brave enough to do this before my friend Kittykill did a fab pillow( see below) for me for a swap.

Computer is still broken which kinda ticks me off. I have to make some more grown-up stuff for the show in November. Maybe some more napkins or bags or something. I have way more kids stuff than anything else...

Friday, October 17, 2008

EtsyBloggers Featured Blogger for Oct. BFBEADS

BFBEADS is our featured etsyblogger of the month for October.

These necklaces and bracelets have a beauty about them and a purpose. They are made to help busy mothers remember their babies feeding schedule.

I think this bracelet is one of my favorites. I think the colors together are very retro looking.

this bracelet is called the "perfectly preppy" and I will admit thinking it was very Lilly Pulitzer when I saw it.

These items could be great holiday gifts for new moms. Also there is a sale at the end of the month so check it out!


Just realized on the computer from home that doesn't work anymore that this years taxes were on it and I do not think I have a back up copy of it....

My current WIP is from Alicia Traveria for my mom to wear at the HHB next month. It looks a bit random right now cause I was all over the place doing it last night. The t-shirt is kinda thin and my needle was a bit dull.

* notice the q-snap ( it was a present from kittykill)

I finished these two guys last night and the night before.

Pimp Stitch Pancake Towel

Annie Oakleaves Deer Towel

Dan is working all weekend so I should be able to clean the pigsty and make loads of goodies for gifts and the show....

Have fab weekend

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are you freakin' serious?

This is not a joke. I took this pic with my dad today when we were in spring hill. My sister used to live up there and we always laughed when this place was going up but today I had a camera and we had to wait for it to come up but I swear to god I do not know how I wasn't leaking because I was laughing sooooo hard!! It's like an old school Laural and Hardy joke where are you going? to my gynecologist..who..My gynecologist..what a stupid name... Happy Hump Day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

computer at home is not working...still

I haven't written cause I do not have my laptop. Ihope it is getting fixed. The upside more time to craft the downside I check my e-mail on dan's phone..not fun!

Here are some new things i made over the weekend though..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

No posts for a bit

Computer is busted at home..that stinks..

Monday, October 6, 2008

I think we shall have 2 posts in one day

The computer at home needs a new dc jack. In real people lingo it means the stupid plug you put the power cord in is broken therefore the laptop ( and only home computer) is dead. So now blogging or uploading of pictures were done.

I did accomplish putting together all of the "craft survival bags" for the vendors of HHB. They turned out super cute, and to add a bit of green, I made recyclyed paper pads. I was inspired buy some of the ones I had bought from wild olive. Dan and I always have a ton of mixed paper that needs to be recycled so I repurposed the boxes and made pads. I stamped them with an adorable snowman stamp from Missy Ballance. I will post pics tomorrow..

I submitted my bag to the Sublime Stitching Gallery and it is now posted there!

I am a licensed merchant for Sublime Stitching and Jenny ( the owner) and Mary (not sure of her title) are fab! Go check out the site for all sorts of cool patterns!

I was also on the Pimp Stitch Blog for my Emma bib last Friday. Go check out their site for great, fun patterns too. They are all super ladies and make adorable things.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Work in the past

So I have been thinking a lot about my past job as a teacher on the "Bear in the Big Blue House" tour I worked on from 2003-2004. It was a truly amazing experience and I am so grateful for it. I have been thinking more and more about it because I recently became active on facebook. I am a bit obsessed about it now my friend Mark from the tour wanted to connect, so now I have connected with about 10 people from the tour and I posted a bunch of pics and it made me think about what it was like 5 years ago.

I truly miss a lot of the people I worked with. Most of the kids I taught are either done with school or almost done. We have all gone our seperate ways which is sad. One of the best things from the tour was meeting the people that became my extended family, the next thing was meeting Dan, then a boyfriend, now a husband. It took 5000 miles away from home for me to meet my Mr. Right.

Been feeling crappy...

Hi ya.

I have had a week wehre I feel like crapola..I was supposed to be working with at the Counting Crows and Maroon 5 concert tonight and since I have been feeling yucky am not going. I am glad I called and gave them the heads up a couple days ago but I am sad still because a. I was looking forward to helping reverb out and b. was looking forward to a free show and the people that know me know that I am in love with Adam Duritz and his grody hair...

Here are some of the projects I completed before I was sick.

Vampire from Annie Oakleaves
Bird from my friend Amy's website

Just a cute reindeer bib

Happy Tikimas towel

I have the postcard for Handmade Holiday Bazaar but it looks jacked up when I post it her right now so I will post it later...