Friday, October 17, 2008


Just realized on the computer from home that doesn't work anymore that this years taxes were on it and I do not think I have a back up copy of it....

My current WIP is from Alicia Traveria for my mom to wear at the HHB next month. It looks a bit random right now cause I was all over the place doing it last night. The t-shirt is kinda thin and my needle was a bit dull.

* notice the q-snap ( it was a present from kittykill)

I finished these two guys last night and the night before.

Pimp Stitch Pancake Towel

Annie Oakleaves Deer Towel

Dan is working all weekend so I should be able to clean the pigsty and make loads of goodies for gifts and the show....

Have fab weekend


Kristi said...

Do you love your Q-snaps, or do you LOVE your Q-snaps? :) :) :)

sewitsforyou said...

I do I do thank goodness Kittykill sent me two! I lst one of the holder thingys and sometimes you need 4.

Peptogirl said...

I love them all! The pancake & syrup are my favorite,but I'm biased!