Friday, August 1, 2008

George Michael Tomorrow Night!!!

Ok so I found the Wham Bag, well actually I never really lost

I am so excited to see George Michael. I have loved him since I was 11 and I have kept this purse since I was 12. My parents brought it back from England when they went on a business trip. I should have known back then my fondness for British men, it must have started with George and ended with Dan. He is not so happy about going to the show. The people at his work have been giving him a really tough time singing the words and making these cutouts of george. I told him that he needs to say he is taking me for my b-day and that if they dislike GM so much how come they know all the words to his songs? I am so excited. I do not know the last concert I was this excited for maybe U2 or The Who or Depeche Mode??

Here is what the guest bedroom looks like now. Not a ton of progress from the other night but we borrowed a saw from a friend and should be good to go on Sunday.

Have a great weekend and I will talk all about GM tomorrow night..SOOOO EXCITED!

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Brook said...

Hope you had fun!