Friday, August 22, 2008

New Fav's and a local show

Here is a mosaic ( I learned how to do this from kunderwood) of some of my favs' I have seen. There are so many talented people all over and it makes me happy that I have some many fav's for the past couple of weeks I do not have enough space for them on two mosaic's..

There are so many people to mention so I am going to direct you to my flickr to have direct links to all the fabulous artists.

My friend Stacey and I are working on creating our own local shows. We both feel that there is a need for more specific types of shows and we can promote them ourselves and know that we are doing the best to make these shows a success for everyone involved. More to come on that for sure!

I am doing a big show called Atomic Holiday Bazaar with Stacey in December which should be tons of fun.

Not sure how much crafting will be done this weekend it is my mom's b-day and there is a ton of cleaning that needs to be done at the homefront.


torrance said...

damn, I still don't know how to do mosaic on flickr. I have to learn that. such an honour to be a part of yours ;)

Kristi said...

Lol, uh-oh, don't hate me when you become so addicted that you spend more time creating mosaics than you do crafting! Tee hee. :) ♥♥♥

Oh hey, I've been meaning to ask, how's you leg?

kittykill said...

I love doing mosaics and I love that I'm one of your favorite picks! Miss ya sweetie!

sewitsforyou said...

It's easy to make them torrance. I love them, kunderwood helped me cause I was a bit slow in that dept.

Kunderwood, the leg is all healed thanks for asking. I get little pains sometimes from the nerves getting active again and it lest an ugly scar but at least it healed.

Kittykill, I miss you too!

Thanks fo rchecking me out ladies