Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We are going green! Dan got a great deal at work ( his home depot in clearwater is having a sale on flooring) We got 16 cases of bamboo to do the 2 guest bedrooms. We got home last night 8pm and decided to move all of the stuff out of the one bedroom and pull up all of the NASTY blue carpet and cut it and get rid of it. I am pretty sure no one would want our carpet even through freecycle...SUPER GROSS! I am so glad we are getting rid of it.

Bamboo Floor Nasty Blue Carpet
Old room
living room with the bed from the guest room
bookshelves in the kitchen..Isn't this where all bookshelves belong?
The craft room/office FULL of stuff.
Dan pulling up carpet, I was photo editor and carpet cutter.
no more icky carpet.....thank goodness.

Dan is taking me to George Michael this Saturday night for my b-day ( so excited!) I am hoping if we can borrow someones saw we can get it done on Sunday. Busy weekend.

Dan had gotten this for our bathroom ( we still need to put tile down here) and it was $150 originally and we got it for $25. I taped a piece of cool wrapping paper and viola! New cool cabinet.


Brook said...

Yay!! I love love love our hardwood floors. They are better then tile because they never get cold.

sewitsforyou said...

thanks brook. it was a great deal I wish he had enough to do all the rest of the floors..

kittykill said...

Very nice! We have hardwood floors and love them. Mark use to work with bamboo-he can help (if we lived closer)Yeah for going green!

sewitsforyou said...

I may give you a ring this weekend kittykill if dan has any problems. I have hated that carpet since before we moved in. We got it for $1.90 a sq. ft, it usually sold for $4.

Maybe we can get more at a later date we have waited this long..