Thursday, May 17, 2007

hmm should have considered this..

I completed this bib last night. I was thinking my life would be so different if this verse applied to me. I am home sick again. I wish I didn't feel like ass. My mom loves when I say that, but it is true. The hubby went to the dentist and as if we didn't have bills upon bills, he needs almost $800 of fillings. Can the fun ever stop? Now I need to figure out which Dr. to pay when.

I need a break from all of this. He is stressed, I am stressed, in turn I am making my parents stressed and I am sure this is all doing wonders for the ulcer I found out about last month..

My friend kittykill on craftster asked why do I make so much stuff? My answer to her was embroidery was the only option besides drinking heavily..HA!

going to go get in a better mood...


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