Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Tute for Patterns

This is a quick tute for making patterns ( from about any picture)for embroidery on fabric ( this is the way that I do it. There are a ton of different ways, when I have some extra cash I will by a light table).

1. Find a picture on your computer of buy patterns here or here or here or download a picture from the Internet ( coloring pages make cheap and cute patterns)

2. Search websites for free cool fonts so that you can do words or phrases.

3. When ready to print check and see if the patterns have a reverse image page if not you can select it on most printer look for the mirror image button under preferences. This is most important for your wording because you iron on the image to the fabric and if it isn't reversed it will be backwards.

4. Once the image is printed I heat up my iron ( the hottest usually) place the item I am putting the pattern on on a piece of scrap fabric( so the patterns doesn't bleed on your ironing board) place the ink side of the pattern face down, and iron on the design. I always peek to make sure the design is printed. (when using delicate fabrics or fabrics you shouldn't iron on, I turn the iron down a bit and place parchment paper on top of the pattern because it is thin enough to let the heat through and protect the fabric at the same time.

5. The white sulky pen hasn't worked for me ever, it is goopy and makes a mess. For really fine lines or letters use a new sulky. The black ones work the best for me. The place I have gotten them the cheapest is here.


Stacey - Elle Belle said...

I once made a light box by just cutting a hole in the side of a clear rubbermaid tub, inserting one of those night lights that is just the bulb with a plug attached to it into the hole, and flipping the tub over so that the bottom of the box becomes the writing surface. Not as fancy as a nice light box, but cheap and it works well for simple projects.

storybeader said...

usually it's the little tips that help the most, after you read the "manufacturer's instructions." Thanks!

sewitsforyou said...

thanks for the hint stacey. I will have to try this. Storybeader sometimes those manufacturer instructions are soo