Monday, January 11, 2010

It's been too long my friends

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has had a fabulous start to the new year. I am hoping to make up some of the slacking I have been doing in the blogging department this year. It doesn't help that we still do not have a computer at home.

Motherhood keeps me quite busy. Sam is such a sweet boy but between my work schedule, and Dan's we still wind up on Sam's schedule. I am trying to do some embroidery at night. I had an etsy order I am working on and I finished this Tara Mcpherson diaper for Sam. You can get the patterns at Sublime Stitching.

I had an awesome time at Atomic. I met some really cool girls Billie, Brenda, Carey, and Amanda.

I got to hang out with some girls I met last year like Robin , Andrea, and Sara Leigh. I did a swap with Billie for a great necklace with cherries on it. I need to take pictures because Dan got me a couple necklaces for the holidays.

I will post some more pics of Atomic. For now you can check them out on my flickr. Here is one pic from my booth that Dan took from his phone. I guess you can't save them from flickr to your computer anymore so i have to bring in the camera.

We sold a lot of my newer items and Thank goodness Dan came with me to help me schlep and set everything up. He did a great job too!

My friends Janine and Christine came by and Atomic is not around the corner.

More post to come..

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Miss Amy O said...

i love the little drummer girl!