Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsykids Superhero Love

I am trying to get back to yes I know I have promised this many times before but with Sam not needing anymore surgeries and school winding down for the year, I should have a bit more free time. I am thinking about making some superhero themed items so I checked out some fellow etsykids folks.

These super cute superheros from Pegged and I will for sure order one as soon as Sam is bigger. You get to pick which superhero you want.
These are hand knit super hero finger puppets "egglets" from Egglet

PartyInk created these adorable personalized super hero sticker. They are afforable and would be great for a party or gift stickers.

When my son was little he would always lose his binkys so a binky holder like this would have been fantastic. Little Birds Boutique created this functional and cute binky holder that is all boy.

So go check out these shops and support my fellow etsykids members.