Friday, April 17, 2009

My perfect craft space....

Hmm if I was to say what kind of perfect craft space I would like it would have to include a cutting counter top like the one at Joann's so I could cut my fabric straight. The room would be larger than what I have now 20x20 with built in shelves in the wall. I could put all of my fabric and blank stock on one wall, all of the embellishments, patterns, etc. on another wall. I would have an ironing board that came down from the wall practical but doesn't clutter the floor. Tons of table/counter top space. It would have a skylight in to use all of the free Florida sunlight we have most of the year. I think it would have an AWESOME stereo system since I have always wanted one and I love to listen to music. I think maybe it could have a really comfy sofa to craft from cause that's where I embroider from. Since this is a dream room a really nice sewing machine could be great it would be a bit more helpful it I knew how to

I would be much better organized than I am currently. We had to clean out one room for the nursery ( this room housed my gift closet) and put all of the misc. crap from that room into the office/craft room we have plus a bed so Dan helped me organize it but I still can't fin everything. I think this is due to the placenta brain I am currently experiencing as well as I put so much stuff in the Rubbermaid boxes I can't lift them anymore.

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