Wednesday, December 17, 2008

AHB Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was AHB and we had a blast. We went over to Sarasota early. We had some errands to run before we left town so we were about 45 minutes from home when Dan asked me if I had everything and I said yes and then he asked if I had my embroidery and I said no. I had pt everything together differently since the last show because I organized that one and this time I was a vendor. I tried to be really organized for this show by packing the night before and tried to save time by dropping Dan off at work and picking him up so he wouldn't have to drive home ( which is north) to go south. The huge tub was at home in the workroom/office and he was super patient with me while I said the entire time how dumb I was. He didn't even get angry at me.

We then drove over and were running kind of late ( I am dumb remember). We first stopped at Laura's shop "Everything But the Girl" ( great band too btw) and chatted with Ragamufyn and 75 Rabbit for a bit and got a few goodies and made our way to the pre-party at the Sarasota Olive Company which we had the best sandwiches ever! The had little dense almost challah like rolls with the best hummus ever! We chatted a bit with Kelli, Kyle Stacey and Doug. We actually we the last people left.

We got up after a crappy night sleep at the really nice La Quinta with a really loud wedding party from NY that camped out next to our room.

Our room at the inn...

The show was a blast Adrien did a fab job along with all of the people who helped her. I was literally working until the show and even some during. I did finish my tiki towel.
The dog I wanted from the shelter isn't she adorable?
My mom and dad with the ugliest baby ever. It is a weighted doll Stacey uses for people to try on slings. I told my dad we were going to send this picture out in the holiday cards and introduce the new grandchild..
My booth at AHB
The Crowd at AHB.

I didn't get around much at AHB. Like 1/2 way around the show. I did but an adorable bag from Sara Leigh.

We had to stop by Dan's work Holiday party and when we got there we saw this outside by one of the cars

a life size cardboard cut out of George W.

I had a couple of orders I had to get done so I worked on them but I had to make it to chat. I did make it to the FEST chat and I signed up to do Blogradio with Dogonwear more news about that to come.


Brook said...

OH MY GOSH... that baby is FREAKIN me out!!!

kittykill said...

The show looks great and the GW Bush freaks me out.

sewitsforyou said...

that baby is sooo scary..GW scared the shit out of me when I first saw it it was a dark parking lot..