Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hole, Sick, Vacation

I have been out of commission for a bit.. First I fell in a hole ( which was really a trench) then Dan and I came down with the flu and then we went on vacation for my dad's 60th b-day.
I am trying to get ready for a big show this weekend, send out x-mas cards and fill some custom orders. There is never enough time to get done what I need to do..
Here are some pics from the vacay.

My dad and dan wearing my moms hats ( and they aren't even drunk!)
Our ship docked in Grand Turk. It is so beautiful. They were hit really hard when Hurricane Ike came through and rebuilt the part of the island where the dock is in less than a month. We found loads of shingles in the water. It was the clearest water I had ever seen. We were so close to the boat I could have swam there.

We helped to contribute to the economy by Dan buying loads of liquor.
This is from our water taxi on the way to St. Marteen.

Gtg back to work.


Brook said...


kittykill said...

I'm so jealous! It's beautiful.

sewitsforyou said...

it was gorgeous in Grand Turk. I would love to go there again soon. I think it was one of the prettiest beaches I had ever been to.