Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Maicen's Beauties

Maicen's Beauties
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I love this artist Macien. Here is a sample of her work. Her newest items incorporate color and they just pop and feel so alive. She is able to draw them so they embody people I know or people from different eras, like flappers. When I see these girls I can almost envision them as real ladies. She has been so nice to give me permission to use some of her ladies for pieces I wear to show off my embroidery.

I wish I lived closer so I could go to some of her gallery shows. I love how different her ladies look and how they remind me of people I know or people from different eras, like flappers. Please go check out her site . I apologize that some of the heads of gotten totally chopped off. Check out her flickr and see all of her lovely ladies.

Monday, December 29, 2008

CPSIA LAW (100th Post)

So when I started "Sew It's For You" it was based on a suggestion from my mom and my friend Ana that I should sell my gifts I was making. I wanted to have handmade gifts for my friends when we went to their houses, plus there was a baby boom among friends so I wanted to make personalized gifts for them. Originally I needed something to take my mind off of my husband being hospitalized and I couldn't concentrate on reading and I needed to keep my hands busy. I bought the Stitch-It-Kit from Sublime Stitching and taught myself to embroider. I got involved on Craftster, met some really cool friends (Pam) and started my etsy shop.

Let me start off by saying I would never knowingly give or sell items that I thought had lead in them. When I first heard of this law I didn't think it applied to me because I didn't sell toys. I read that the items included in the CPSIA were all items that kids under 12 could come in contact with. I watched as the fear grew on Etsy and made a phone call to Cheryl Falvey who is the lead counsel for the CPSC. I called her because I felt that there was a ton of misinformation on Etsy and on some blogs and at least I would know the facts from someone that knew the law. I was suprised she answered the phone. She was well aware of the plight of my fellow etsians, I explained that I embellish products that are bought from big box manufacturers and wholesalers and I can't afford to test each skein of floss from DMC and all of my other items. She stated to me that the original law did have a small business exemption in it and Congress shot it down. Cheryl said that the CPSC hoped that what would happen is that the small biz would get the exemption and that in a couple of years all the products from big box retailers would have to be certified or they couldn't be sold, which means we couldn't buy them and all would be right in the world. She said they were working on some rulings that were released last week and that untreated cotton, wood an other natural products should be excluded (if the vote passes). I did see that this was up for a vote on January 5th.

This law is making life for small business owners a mess. Let's say I had a onesie that wasn't white, the onesie would have to be tested as well as the snaps ( which means I wouldn't be able to use the onesie after testing) as well as each individual skein of floss I use. Expensive and Nightmare city. I think the craft community really needs to be vocal about how we will have to close our businesses and in turn not be able to shop at Joann's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby because we will not have a business to but materials for and not have a need to shop there, which in turn will help to make this fragile economy a lot worse..

I hope it doesn't mean I have to stop making kids items for sale. If the ruling does pass I will still make the items for gifts which is how my whole thing started. I will have to concentrate on making more adult items and I could make some great new things. I know this law could mean the possible closing of a lot of my friends businesses and that sucks. I hope the Cheryl can work her magic and all that she stated to me on the phone will become a reality.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

AHB Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was AHB and we had a blast. We went over to Sarasota early. We had some errands to run before we left town so we were about 45 minutes from home when Dan asked me if I had everything and I said yes and then he asked if I had my embroidery and I said no. I had pt everything together differently since the last show because I organized that one and this time I was a vendor. I tried to be really organized for this show by packing the night before and tried to save time by dropping Dan off at work and picking him up so he wouldn't have to drive home ( which is north) to go south. The huge tub was at home in the workroom/office and he was super patient with me while I said the entire time how dumb I was. He didn't even get angry at me.

We then drove over and were running kind of late ( I am dumb remember). We first stopped at Laura's shop "Everything But the Girl" ( great band too btw) and chatted with Ragamufyn and 75 Rabbit for a bit and got a few goodies and made our way to the pre-party at the Sarasota Olive Company which we had the best sandwiches ever! The had little dense almost challah like rolls with the best hummus ever! We chatted a bit with Kelli, Kyle Stacey and Doug. We actually we the last people left.

We got up after a crappy night sleep at the really nice La Quinta with a really loud wedding party from NY that camped out next to our room.

Our room at the inn...

The show was a blast Adrien did a fab job along with all of the people who helped her. I was literally working until the show and even some during. I did finish my tiki towel.
The dog I wanted from the shelter isn't she adorable?
My mom and dad with the ugliest baby ever. It is a weighted doll Stacey uses for people to try on slings. I told my dad we were going to send this picture out in the holiday cards and introduce the new grandchild..
My booth at AHB
The Crowd at AHB.

I didn't get around much at AHB. Like 1/2 way around the show. I did but an adorable bag from Sara Leigh.

We had to stop by Dan's work Holiday party and when we got there we saw this outside by one of the cars

a life size cardboard cut out of George W.

I had a couple of orders I had to get done so I worked on them but I had to make it to chat. I did make it to the FEST chat and I signed up to do Blogradio with Dogonwear more news about that to come.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Front Page of Etsy

I was on the freakin FRONT PAGE OF ETSY..I will get to it in a sec

I am thinking it may be time for another contest..I hit over 200 hearts yesterday on ETSY woo hoo. I know a lot of people have far surpassed this mark but it made me feel good to finally do it. Also Aunti Franni sent me a convo on etsy that I was on the front page last night at 10:22 pm...

Screen Shot but I may get a better one from Aunti Franni...

Bigger shot of my Jemaine shirt I made from a design done by the fabulous lilyvanilli a while back...

I am slmost at 100 posts. I think this is post 98. So when we hit over 100 a new contest will be established..I want to be creative on this one....


Come visit me in 6B with Elle Belle on Sunday

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured EtsyBLogger: Spotted Cow Soaps

Spotted Cow Soaps makes soaps that look good enough to eat!!

See what I am talking about, it looks like dessert but it really is a gingerbread whipped sugar scrub for all those rough parts like elbows and feet.

For all the vegans there is this soap which is made from 100% vegan friendly glycerin. It had part of a loofah in the middle and smells like cranberry. Loofah is a natural exfoliant and is a great was to help revive your dull winter skin.

I know with some of my friends children they go through periods where bathing isn't important to them but this little mitt can make it playtime. It is a ladybug hand crotcheted mitt, made with 100% cotton yarn. The secret part is that a bar of soap fits in and they can scrub away in the bath. They can put on a puppet show for you! The will have such a good time they won't pay attention to the fact that they are getting clean too!

This would be a great place for all your last minute holiday gifts and she is offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING effective 12/9/08 until 12/15/08.

Spotted Cow Soaps is the place to be!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hole, Sick, Vacation

I have been out of commission for a bit.. First I fell in a hole ( which was really a trench) then Dan and I came down with the flu and then we went on vacation for my dad's 60th b-day.
I am trying to get ready for a big show this weekend, send out x-mas cards and fill some custom orders. There is never enough time to get done what I need to do..
Here are some pics from the vacay.

My dad and dan wearing my moms hats ( and they aren't even drunk!)
Our ship docked in Grand Turk. It is so beautiful. They were hit really hard when Hurricane Ike came through and rebuilt the part of the island where the dock is in less than a month. We found loads of shingles in the water. It was the clearest water I had ever seen. We were so close to the boat I could have swam there.

We helped to contribute to the economy by Dan buying loads of liquor.
This is from our water taxi on the way to St. Marteen.

Gtg back to work.