Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It feels as though it has been raining for freakin' days!! The rain barrel if it wasn't already so full would have filled up at least 6 times maybe more. Our grass is becoming very green so that is good and we won't have to water this week. The thunderstorms started at 5 am on Saturday and we thought it blew up our semi new phones ( I dropped the old portable and my hairbrush in the toilet in January).

We didn't leave the house at all. We did all of our errands after work on Friday. We came home and I tried to encourage growth in the dry areas in the lawn while Dan moved our Viburnum (sp?) bush so we could place the rain barrel that has been full since about 11am yesterday.

We did test our trying to make hamburger cupcakes for the 4th. We were both super glad to test them out because the mix we used for the vanilla cake mix stuck so badly. We also found out is takes an assload of red food coloring to make white frosting look like ketchup.

Here is what we did..


Look at how the vanilla stuck. We made two batches both were in non stick pans we even sprayed one with Pam too and major stickage...

We tried to make some testers

And Dan liked the way they tasted. We need some work before we bring them to someones house though...


GTG finish cleaning and get to work on some more embroidery..

**** don't we all just lurve the fabulous blue countertops???? As soon as we have some money ( we have said this for 3 years) I want to get ice stone for all our counter tops. We have the hunter green version of the ugly blue in the guest bathroom and the tan version in our bathroom. It isn't very green though to get rid of something perfectly good so I may have to wait but the blue carpet that is for sure going. Enough ranting.....for now...


Katie Kutthroat said...

yum! i want to hang out with you ;)

sewitsforyou said...

if you are in Florida anytime come on by!!