Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swap Items and Stuff

Hello All,

I fell like maybe some people are reading my blog now. I feel super cool...Not that too many people read it but thanks to those of you that do! How does anyone feel if I posted some pics of food I cook or recipes here too?? Leave me your ideas/comments.

Here are some pics of the items I sent the wonderful sew-sew-a-go-go for a personal swap. I kinda know her (as an internet buddy) from craftster and flickr. The pics are on the crappy side cause my helper wasn't there to aide in the picture taking. We became more green by putting in CF Bulbs but they give off some bad lighting for pictures (sorry hubby) and putting on make-up.

On a side note how weird is it with everyone stopping the sale of tomatoes. The hubby just started eating them maybe 2 months ago and now this. We grilled a bunch of them this weekend a whole pint but I think grape tomatoes were ok.

We are going to get a rain-barrel this weekend and maybe a compost bin. I am trying to be more green but sometimes it is really tough when the green products are so expensive. I did start to watch A LOT of Planet Green this past weekend. it is driving everyone nuts. Too bad!


Katie Kutthroat said...

i think it would be super if you posted food and recipes :)

sewitsforyou said...

I was just looking at the blog and think it is a bit hard to read...hmm I was going to post a gazpacho recipe but with all that is going on with the salmonella I 86'd that idea...Thanks for the comment Katie..