Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been Slacking

We have been trying so hard to get things in motion for Handmade Holiday Bazaar that I have been slacking on crafting ( I did get some accomplished this weekend) and blogging.

Anywho Dan's friend came in from England on Monday, his plane got cancelled on England on Sunday so we were all exhauted Monday night and went to bed at 8:30 pm. Last night I was able to finish the witch towel below. I think it turned out cute. I need to take pics. I did borrow my dad's camera to take pics and noticed a huge difference.

pattern from annie oakleaves

Look at the close-up of the ninja if I was to take this pic with my camera it wouls have been all blurry.

pattern from urban threads
Dad's camera too.

I always spent my money on a manual camera and didn't get my first digital until 2003 and it was kinda crappy. I need to get a better one but for the time being I will borrow my dads.

I will try and write more this week, it's a goal to attain.

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Brook said...

Love the tea pot! so cute!