Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Favorite Color........hint it isn't black..

This is for the etsybloggers blog carnival for the month of September....(I am trying to make sure I follow all of the rules). We were supposed to write pick a favorite color, and show it in your work so here goes nothing..

Oh I love silver! I wish I could use it more or wear it more but I do not think dresses in silver or tops are really very tame for the workplace. I would have to say that is my favorite. People that know me would say that Black is my favorite color because well I almost wear it everyday.

Here is my silver purse I got for my b-day.. I <3 it so much!

In my work which is hand embroidery I have only found some sparkly silver with black thread from Sublime Stitching. The other silver thread from Joann's has a tendency to snag and then split when washed. I would use it much more often if it actually stayed together.

I do like to use a lot of blue and greens together in my work as well.

Going through my flickr pics I would say white is used the most often. I guess cause it is easy to see and stitch on and maybe cause it can be gender neutral??

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Brook said...

I wear black everyday as well.... I have not tried metallic floss... I am scared It will ruin whatever I am stitching...