Sunday, June 29, 2008

Be careful....

So I never got to finish cleaning the craft room. I was going to iron some of the backs on to my items and instead decided to drop the iron on my thigh and my calf. I was just wearing a t-shirt so it landed right on my skin. During this Dan called and said he was coming home because he still did not feel well and at that point I was hysterical. I told him to just come home and not call my mom ( she lives like 5 miles away). He told me to get in a cold bath which I did and watched as my skin floated off.

Dan arrived home, we paged the dr. that said we could go to the hospital but it would be a unnecessary that I needed to keep cold compresses and he was calling in a prescritpion cream, told me to keep my leg elevated and take motrin over the day for pain and as an anti-inflammatory. Meanwhile my mom called when Dan was on the phone with the doc on my cell and I was on the phone with my sister so my mom came over with the supplies and took great care of me. Anytime she changed the dressing for like the first 3 hours I cried. My sister came by as well as my dad. It was a family affair. It was 1000 times better after the cold dressing were on it was super blistered and fire engine red...

I am better today. My leg hurts a lot in some spots and not so much in others. It is turning black and I am going to go see a friend of my mom and dad's who is a plastic surgeon. We shall see but I am in no rush to iron...ever..

It is an odd angle to take it and while I do not have small thighs this pic makes it look like I have HUGE thighs and really small feet. The pic actually makes it look a lot nicer than it is.. If you look close enough you can see the holes from the iron plate. Watch the kiddies (and adults) when I irons are on.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trying to tidy up

Not only can I not find then things I need/want int he craft room/office it is a disaster area. I cleaned it up some last night while the sick hubby was resting. I think he has the flu I had a couple weeks ago. The pics below.....

Some of the stock I have. I repurposed our old dvd holder when we got a new one at Ikea. We only have one of the cabinets there but we have the doors that match the picture. Everything is sized here and grouped with similar items..

My 10 bins that go across the entire side wall. I have taken over the room

The ironing board with the expensive iron I ruined so now none of my clothes get ironed anymore...

Old repurposed shelf. I have the top the hubby has the bottom...Have a good weekend...

Friday, June 27, 2008

The 80's and early 90's Strike Back

So Flor posed a question about high school on her blog and as I searched for pics I only came up with a few.
Let me preface this by saying I have naturally curly hair. I tend to forget this when I cut it and have at times often resembled a poodle.

The one where I am with a guy (in a white, lace, long sleeve, floor length dress) look at the hair..

The family pic is from 1990 Hello, Kunderwood my hair rivals your bathroom Blonde Foxy Brown (a.k.a Maude) any day

This pic was about 4 months before the pic below..So pretty. I like the man-do. This was about 2 months after I lopped off the hair cause I was angry at my boyfriend at the time (hmm that was smart). This is a polaroid and it scanned pretty good. I was working at a place that I had the worst ever conditions a human should be exposed to. All of the "helps" living quarters were condemned.

I was 17 in the pic I had cut off all the hair and it was growing out..Nice huh?

My hair is flat now, I blow dry and straighten it most of the time when I was it because frankly I do not want to look like any of the above

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Bibs

In my search for "Green" things I found some pretty cute ideas for bibs and clothes. I adapted them and made some bibs. The next step will be to find bibs at vintage stores and repurpose them and/or find an organic supplier.

Dan and I are working on project this weekend. I will have more posted about that once we have finalized it more...

Bibs available at my etsy store. On a side note I hope the economy turns around soon. There is too much bad stuff going on everyday. One of the good things about a tough economy is that people are using a lot less because the cost of everything is prohibitive...

I have a big order to finish this weekend. There is always another bill to pay.

The iHug and the iRecycle bibs used the same font as iPod's do so they are a funny take on that for the techno savvy greenie.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It feels as though it has been raining for freakin' days!! The rain barrel if it wasn't already so full would have filled up at least 6 times maybe more. Our grass is becoming very green so that is good and we won't have to water this week. The thunderstorms started at 5 am on Saturday and we thought it blew up our semi new phones ( I dropped the old portable and my hairbrush in the toilet in January).

We didn't leave the house at all. We did all of our errands after work on Friday. We came home and I tried to encourage growth in the dry areas in the lawn while Dan moved our Viburnum (sp?) bush so we could place the rain barrel that has been full since about 11am yesterday.

We did test our trying to make hamburger cupcakes for the 4th. We were both super glad to test them out because the mix we used for the vanilla cake mix stuck so badly. We also found out is takes an assload of red food coloring to make white frosting look like ketchup.

Here is what we did..


Look at how the vanilla stuck. We made two batches both were in non stick pans we even sprayed one with Pam too and major stickage...

We tried to make some testers

And Dan liked the way they tasted. We need some work before we bring them to someones house though...


GTG finish cleaning and get to work on some more embroidery..

**** don't we all just lurve the fabulous blue countertops???? As soon as we have some money ( we have said this for 3 years) I want to get ice stone for all our counter tops. We have the hunter green version of the ugly blue in the guest bathroom and the tan version in our bathroom. It isn't very green though to get rid of something perfectly good so I may have to wait but the blue carpet that is for sure going. Enough ranting.....for now...

Feeling Stitchy Logo

Feeling Stitchy Logo
Originally uploaded by sewitsforyou
This is for the Feeling Stitchy Banner Contest. I really love the colors and I have had that fabric for a bit. My little hoop person is much cuter in person than she photographed...I love the font too. I think I will use it for everything.

Working on felt was never my favorite but I liked using it to make this so I think I may use it on other projects too.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rain and Shower

It rained so freakin' hard last night I couldn't believe it. Unfortunately the placement of the rain barrel was in a terrible spot in reference to the roof and the barrel is only 1/2 way full. I am going to use the water tonight to water the lawn. We shall move the bush this weekend and see what happens from there.

Dan took a shower with the new head last night and with him being so tall he had to move it about a bit and I showered this morning with it and we both decided it was great. It has way more pressure than our old head did and other than knowing it was a low flow head we wouldn't have had any idea by how well it actually works! So A++ for the Evolve Roadrunner!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's in the Box???

Hmm what is in the box??? I wonder...You will have to wait an see at the end.

Dan and I picked up the rain barrel. The guy's name was Edward who we got it from and he was full of useful information. He told us how to start a compost bin and gave us tons of hints...

Here is where the rain barrel is now...

See the bush, we are going to move it this weekend and push the barrel so it is right under he roof (see pic below) We don't have gutters and a lot of rain falls from here so we will use what we have.

Dan got very ingenious on my ass. In the pic below you can see the condensation line from the outside of our house..I had put a little plastic dish to water the lawn, I mean we pay for it and we are only allowed to water our lawn once a week. Dan took the 2.5 gallon container (out of our recycling container)cut the side and viola" instant collector. I swear it fills up like 3 or 4 times a day. I told Dan to start pouring the water in the rain barrel so we can use it whenever we want.

So I bet you are all dying to know what was in the box....

It's our new low flow smart shower head from It has showerstart technology and as soon as the water heats up it goes to trickle mode until you turn it full blast. It is almost 1 gallon a minute less that the highest allowable showerhead allowed by law. We shall see how this baby works in the a.m.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Going to get the rain barrel hopefully

Dan and I are going into tampa to get the rain barrel. Hopefully the guy still has them. We put a 2.5 gallon water bottle under the condense overflow yesterday and have dumped the extra water 2 already. We can only water one day a week so the extra water helps. I think my dad thinks the latest addiction to the "Plant Green" channel is weird, but I think it is helping us really make smart decisions. Any ideas for a good green dish soap or laundry detergent? We wound up cleaning the toilets with Borax the other green cleaners don't seem to work as well.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's Go Banana's

I got this pattern from Beetastics Vintage Finds ( I think that is the name) anyway she is beetastic on flickr. I finished it last night. It is almost the entire width of the towel but I think it turned out cute. I altered the pattern a bit.

Fusilli Salad (Corkscrew Pasta Salad)

I really wanted to post my most favorite recipe for gazpacho but figured with the whole salmonella thing it wouldn't be so smart. This is a great summer recipe no mayo so it's good for picnics and with the economy being rough it isn't too expensive..

Fusilli Salad

1 cup chopped parsley
1/4 cup oil
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon onion powder
2 tablespoons dijon mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 package fusilli (Corkscrew pasta)

Combine all ingredients except pasta in food processor.
Process until well blended. Cook pasta according to directions,
add sauce, toss and coat. For best taste leave in fridge overnight
and I make a bit of extra sauce to put on the next day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swap Items and Stuff

Hello All,

I fell like maybe some people are reading my blog now. I feel super cool...Not that too many people read it but thanks to those of you that do! How does anyone feel if I posted some pics of food I cook or recipes here too?? Leave me your ideas/comments.

Here are some pics of the items I sent the wonderful sew-sew-a-go-go for a personal swap. I kinda know her (as an internet buddy) from craftster and flickr. The pics are on the crappy side cause my helper wasn't there to aide in the picture taking. We became more green by putting in CF Bulbs but they give off some bad lighting for pictures (sorry hubby) and putting on make-up.

On a side note how weird is it with everyone stopping the sale of tomatoes. The hubby just started eating them maybe 2 months ago and now this. We grilled a bunch of them this weekend a whole pint but I think grape tomatoes were ok.

We are going to get a rain-barrel this weekend and maybe a compost bin. I am trying to be more green but sometimes it is really tough when the green products are so expensive. I did start to watch A LOT of Planet Green this past weekend. it is driving everyone nuts. Too bad!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I am featured on this website..

I am featured on this site. i was super excited when I saw this...

My FOTC towels are featured on here. How cool is that? I wanted to do a screen shot but I can't .
check out the blog


Originally uploaded by sewitsforyou
Computer was in for repair this weekend. So sad! It was a bit nice not being tied to it though. I found these adroable eggplant at a fruit stand by my house. Dan and I grilled out a HUGE batch of veggies this weekend including my cutie eggplants. They tasted so freakin' good.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Tape

Ohh how I loved mixed tapes growing up. As mix Cd is great too but there is something so nostalgic about a mix tape. Nick Hornby hits on the phenomenon of mix tapes in High Fidelity. I am so excited I so this on Flor's blog.

Happy Skull Girl Placemat for Madison

This is part of my swap with Sew-Sew-A-Go-Go. I just had a huuuuugggeee order come in so I have to get cracking on the rest of the swap items. I have fully completed 2 items. I have 2 1/2 way done and 1 I still need to start. I am hoping to have them completed by weeks end.

On a side note, I do have class tonight. A chat on the interent for class. I think I have about 6 or 7 weeks left.

More pics to come!