Friday, June 5, 2009

Artist Friend: Wild Olive

I am sure many of you know Mollie of Wild Olive on flickr and on etsy. She makes some of the cutest patterns ever. I have been buying them for a bit now and she recently asked if she could use a couple pictures of her patterns that I embroidered for her etsy site and I was like sure!

Since I have started to use a light table I think my embroidery has gotten so much better because I am able to draw much thinner lines and then water makes them disappear. My sulky pens got way to fat and the lines get too thick and then I need more floss to cover them.

Free Pattern available here

From her Christmas tree topper ( I think) collection available again soon.

The patterns on this towel are from her Bar-B Cute Set. This is one of her newer sets to be released in her shop. I made them on a towel for a 4th of July Party we are going to. Since we have 2 places to be I may make an apron for the other party hostess.
The blue lines are all gone now this was before it was totally done.

Oh watermelon is yummy.
Mollie has a blog where she posts her new items and projects she does as well. If you sign up for her mailing list you can get free patterns and info about sales and promos. So check her out!


Kristi said...

I ♥ Mollie. Love, love, LOVE.

Ok, now I realllllly want to get a light table. I HATE thick Sulky lines. I recently tried a transfer pencil, which yielded so-so results. Plus the pink lines of the pencil show through my white stitches! It looks like I used light pink floss instead of white. And I can't go over the stitches with more white thread to try to mask the pink-ness 'cause it would be too thick. Ah, dilemmas, lol....

:):):):):) Hope you're feeling well! xoxoxo

kittykill said...

The BBQ is way too cute!

sewitsforyou said...

Kristi Mollie is a sweetheart..I hated transfer pencils, I love the sulky I just wish it would stay thin.

I am feeling better 4 months to

Kittykill thanks for checking it out..