Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Carnival Topic- B-day

Hmm my b-day is at the end of August and this year is a big b-day which I do not care to mention..lol I am thinking that we may go out to dinner earlier for my b-day because I will be about 36 weeks pregnant and if my trip to Tampa yesterday taught me anything, eating and getting in a car are still not such a good idea...

I have bought gifts before for myself and my mom has given me money ( like clothes) and for the hubby. I think I am a pretty easy person to buy for, plus I have a wist and an amazon list to help my baffled family. I like music and books so there is always something I don't have. I have tried to stop buying books cause they are so darn expensive.

I think the best gift I ever received ( and it may not have been a b-day gift) is I always bug my husband to tell me how he fell in love with me. One year he bought a message in a bottle, wrote the story of how he fell in love with me and had it assembled in the beautiful kit that he gave to me. It made me cry like a b-day then and still tear up now. It was in a gorgeous glass bottle and nestled in this little treasure chest.

For this b-day there are about 5 concerts I'd like to see but I will wait until these bands come back here again. I think all of the bands have been here before and I have seen them all. I did go 4 years ago to see the Killers with Dan for my b-day and it was a fabulous show.

For this b-day, I think I would like to sleep in, maybe a massage and a nap!


storybeader said...

now that's not asking for much! The message in a bottle is SO romantic! He thought that up, all by himself? I'm impressed!

sewitsforyou said...

he is a good egg storybeader. It was a TOTAL surprise when he gave that too me and he never lets me forget he thought of it all by himself.